Sports equipment for seniors

Many elderly people do not exercise enough, this is also the case in many healthcare- and nursing homes. This despite exercising being actually very good for you, as it sets everything in motion in your body. It ensures that your motor skills remain at level and that you do not become stiff and rusty from sitting in the same position all the time.

By moving you put everything in your body to work, such as your blood circulation or breathing. Due to the improved blood circulation, more oxygen gets to your brain, so that your memory continues to work well for longer; In addition, it stimulates your metabolism, which improves your resistance. Exercise also maintains your muscles and bones. As a result, the bone density decreases less quickly and you prevent bone fractures.

And perhaps most importantly: It improves your mood and gives you energy!

Want to know more about what we can do for healthcare? Then view concepts for seniors.

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