Figura Play

Figura Play is a playful and educational line of playground equipment that has been developed to not only let children play, but above all to allow them to use their own imagination as much as possible during play. This playful line is specially designed for the little ones among us and has a beautiful colour scheme, a distinctive design and the items contain many extra play features..

The product line has floor heights of 59, 95 and/or 145 cm, so in most cases it can be installed without the need of artificial turf.

Figura Play is supplied as standard with posts in coated aluminium or recycled plastic, but can be made with posts in other materials as well, such as 100% FSC certified hardwood or stainless steel. The equipment is designed in a very compact way and genuinely offer maximum play in a minimal zone. Playground equipment from the Basic Play line is complementary to the equipment of Figura Play, so endless combinations can be made.

The panels in the Figura Play product line can be executed in various colours.

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